Official M5Stack M5StickC PLUS ESP32-PICO Mini IoT Development Kit Bluetooth and WiFi Bigger Screen IoT Controller


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1 x m5stickc with built-in 80mah battery (USB cable)
M5StickC It is a 0.96 inch TFT color screen ( 80 x 160 resolution), red LED lights, buttons, microphone, infrared emission tube, six axis attitude sensor (sh200q) and 80 MAH battery of small esp32 development board.
Esp32 module esp in m5stickc 32 Pico also has 4MB flash.
If the m5stickc is fitted with a strap base and strap, you can wear it on your wrist.
Grove interface, support uiflow programming, Arduino programming
be careful:
Power on: press the reset button for at least 2 seconds
Power off: press the reset button for at least 6 seconds
The baud rates supported by m5stickc are 1200 ~ 115200, 250K, 500K, 750k and 1500k